Documentation Overview

How is this documentation structured?

The documentation of Bench is structured in four levels of detail.


The Quickstart is a sequence of the most important tutorials combined in a shortened version, and aims to answer the question: How do I get started?

The Quickstart will guide you step-by-step through the essentials but it will not give you the variety of different possibilities. Every section of the Quickstart is linked to more detailed Tutorials.


The Tutorials explain Bench from the users perspective, and aim to answer the question: How can I use it?

The Tutorials guide you step-by-step through different usage scenarios, reveal different ways of doing things, and equip you with enough knowledge to use Bench with confidence. Every Tutorial is linked to the relevant Tech Guides for background info.

Tech Guides

The Tech Guides explain Bench from the technical behind the scenes perspective, and aim to answer the question: How does it work?

Every Tech Guide covers a different component or aspect of the Bench system, and describes the concepts and interrelations.

Reference Docs

The Reference Docs build-up a systematic library of detail information about file structures, markup syntax, and programming interfaces. They are referenced throughout the other parts of the documentation.