Working on a Project

Edit and build a project in the Bench environment

When working on a project inside of the Bench environment, the most important thing is, to go through the Launchers, when opening an IDE or calling a compiler. Only then all the required command line tools are on the PATH.

The support for projects in Bench is not very mature yet. But some support already exists.


Editor or IDE Based Approach

To open a project in a text editor or an IDE which was installed with Bench, use the Launcher of the editor or the IDE and open your project from inside the application.

Bench has preliminary support for assisting you with this step: Run the action script actions\project-editor.cmd. This script opens a menu, where you can select the project you want to work on, and then trys to recognize the project type. If the project type is supported by Bench it opens the appropriate IDE or editor. Otherwise it will open the projects folder in the default editor.

Shell Based Approach

To work on a project in the Bench environment is really easy. Just open the Bench Shell of your choice and navigate into your project directory.

A Bench Shell always starts in the Bench root directory. Therefore, to navigate to your project, just type the following command:

cd projects/<your project>

Replace <your project> with the name of your projects directory.

Now you can call whatever command line tool you have installed in the Bench environment.

Be aware of the fact, that selecting and installing additional command line tools will not change the PATH variable of a running shell. When you install new apps, you have to restart a Bench Shell, to get the updated PATH variable.

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